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TechConnect.VI partners with UVI's Small Business Development Center to offer "Fundamentals of Web Marketing - Kick Your Website into HIGH Gear!" seminar. Resources are available from the seminar series:

Learn more about this workshop by reading The Source's news article from July 2007.

Web Marketing Tips!

The perfect website should consist of informative content and articles that naturally linked out to other fantastic resources in a natural way. It should be more than simply a long list of links. If you wrote up a short review (in your own words) of your recommended professionals and gave them your seal of approval that would even be better. If those recommended professionals also linked to your website with their own unique page of content, it would be mutually beneficial. Providing a list of outgoing links is simply no longer the 'in' thing to do.

  1. Analyze the Inbound Links for your Website
    • Search engines are able to tell the amount of links that are pointing in to your website.
    • Google does not report all inbound links pointing to your site and only show a small percentage.
    • Compare your site to your competitors and see how you match up!
    • It’s very important to have quality inbound links as opposed to quantity. Be on the lookout for quality websites and strike up a referral relationship with them!
  2. Web Marketing Can be Achieved with Search Engine Submissions
    • Yahoo - $299.00 per year
    • Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) - Monthly and pay-per-click fees apply
    • Google AdWords - Pay-per-click fees apply. Advertise in Google, AOL, and other sites to receive immediate traffic to your website.
    • Open Directory Project (DMoz) - Find the page you want to be on (it must be the city that is listed as your main business address).

Web Marketing Assessment

Is your website ready for the 21st century? If you own a website, you should be able to answer all of these questions.
  • How quickly does your website load for individuals with dial-up Internet access? According to the CIA's World Facts Book, only 1/3 of the USVI has high speed Internet access.
  • How does your website look and operate on smart phones and tablet PCs (ie IPad)?
  • How should your website look and operate on smart phones and tablet PCs (ie IPad)?
  • Have you considered .mobile (smart phones) extension and IPad applet(s) for your website?
  • Can you receive customer orders/requests when your office is closed? Do you allow for convenient online electronic ordering?
  • Can your customers pay their bills even when your office is closed? Do you allow for convenient online electronic ordering?
  • Do you survey potential, current, and former customers to find out how to improve your business?
  • Do you review and post customer feedback?
  • Do you have a social networking site (ie Linked In, FaceBook or Twitter) to encourage "web chatter" your business?
  • Do you showcase your FackBook and Twitter news broadcasts on your website?
  • How many people visit your website each day, week, and month? Do you email or call the potential customers who visit your website?
  • Do you use Google Adwords to attract potential customers to your website?
  • What percentage of your website surfers become customers?
  • Do you use Google AdSense to generate revenues from your website?
  • Do you have tv commercials? If so, are they posted in YouTube and streamable from your website?

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